Solution for a Healthier Tomorrow

Constantly Developing Innovative and Quality Medicines

Improving the Quality of Human Lives

Enabling People to Live Longer

Anikem Laboratories

Providing excellent healthcare to patients all over the country for 20 years, Anikem Laboratories has shown tremendous growth in the Pharmaceutical Market. Founded in 2000 by Mr. Anil Kumar Khemka, the company has acknowledged the need of the Pharma market since its inception and is continuously innovating by refining its product range to cater to its customers.

We have received an overwhelming response not only from our traders but also from customers, including doctors and patients alike. This success is credited to our wide product range with formulations prepared at India’s finest manufacturing facilities with W.H.O. and G.M.P. standards and stringent quality regulations.


We envision a future for the healthcare industry where we can improve the quality of life of each human being by reaching every nook and corner of the country and are committed to a healthier tomorrow where each individual not only lives longer but happier also.


Our mission is to provide the widest range of healthcare products at affordable prices developed at the best manufacturing facilities to every patient.

Our Commitment to a healthier tomorrow. On a challenging and inspiring mission to:

  • Develop innovative and quality medicines.
  • Improve the quality of human lives.
  • Make people feel better and live longer.

Anikem Laboratories is a pharmaceutical organization of repute having its corporate headquarters at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – The pharmaceutical hub of India. The seed of Anikem Laboratories was sown in December 2000 by Mr. Anil Kumar Khemka who is the well-known name in pharmaceutical marketing.

In the initial few years, Anikem Laboratories marketed its products manufactured on a loan license arrangement. Anikem began marketing its products from eastern regions of the country and slowly expanded to the northeast and southern states of the country. Today, Anikem has its presence throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Anikem has in its product basket a blend of tablets, capsules, soft gels, oral suspension & syrups, injectables, ointments, and food & Ayurvedic products (tablets, capsules, liquids & protein powders). In all, Anikem markets more than 200 products.

Quality of products, Quality of Service, and Quality of communication is a tradition at Anikem.
What is more, Anikem Laboratories has been certified & recognized as an ISO 9001:2015 Company.

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