Our Company

Providing excellent healthcare to patients all over the country for 20 years, Anikem Laboratories has shown tremendous growth in the Pharmaceutical Market. Founded in 2000 by Mr. Anil Kumar Khemka, the company has acknowledged the need of the Pharma market since its inception and is continuously innovating by refining its product range to cater to its customers. We have received an overwhelming response not only from our traders but also from customers, including doctors and patients alike. This success is credited to our wide product range with formulations prepared at India’s finest manufacturing facilities with W.H.O. and G.M.P. standards and stringent quality regulations. Our company has introduced almost 200 new products in the past two years and expanded into derma care, cardiac and antidiabetic segments along with sterile eye/ear drops and advanced injectable product range. Today we have over 400 products covering all therapeutic segments in the healthcare industry. Anikem Laboratories has a strong base with attractive product offerings and a team of skilled professionals with expertise in marketing and distribution. All our employees are focused on the company’s mission and vision and strive to achieve organizational goals in association with various departments at the company.


We envision a future for the healthcare industry where we can improve the quality of life of each human being by reaching every nook and corner of the country and are committed to a healthier tomorrow where each individual not only lives longer but happier also.


Our mission is to provide the widest range of healthcare products at affordable prices developed at the best manufacturing facilities to every patient.


Excellence: We shall aim at surpassing or doing better than others

Dynamism: All our activities will be marked by continuous change, activity, or progress with vigor and energy.

Zeal: we shall exhibit diligent devotion in pursuit of our goal.

Integrity: Value commitments, fulfill expectations, and be truthful.

Team Work: In our endeavor to achieve a common goal, each member shall put in a cooperative effort.

Creativity: New ways and new ideas to add value to our organization.

Marketing and Promotional Support

In our endeavor to meet the challenges of market competition, we at Anikem Laboratories fully equip our Business Associates with the desired marketing & promotional support. We provide the following :

  • Visual Aid with detailing story: Our visual aids are designed with product concept in mind & with special emphasis on product features & attributes.
  • Glossary: Products at a glance
  • Brand reminder cards
  • Prescription Pads
  • Visiting cards
  • Order books
  • M.R. Bags
  • Gift Articles
  • Rates offered are the most affordable & lucrative
  • To-day Request

Above All

  • We Provide Bonus Offers
  • Festive Bonanzas
  • Brand advertisements in Drug update / Drug today / IDR