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Our company has introduced almost 200 new products in the past two years and expanded into derma care, cardiac and antidiabetic segments along with sterile eye/ear drops and advanced injectable product range. We today have over 350 products covering all therapeutic segments in the healthcare industry.

Our ever-expanding product range includes many pharmaceutical formulations such as tablets, capsules, oral liquids, dry syrups, injections, infusions, skin creams and ointments, oral gels, protein powders, energy drink powders and hard & soft gelatin capsules belonging to different therapeutic segments. The formulations are available in high quality advanced primary packaging.

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ANILIV Caps.An Ayurvedic Liver Capsules10X10 (Blister)ANILIV cap 3D
ANILIV Syp.An Ayurvedic Liver Tonic100ml. With BoxANILIV
ANILIV Syp.An Ayurvedic Liver Tonic200 ml. With boxANILIVE SYP 100 ML
EASY Powder (Bowel Regulator)Isabgol Husk + Sonamukhi + Harad + Amaltas + Mulethi + Gulab + Saunf + Saunf Oil100 gm. (Pet Jar)Easy Powder
EX-PA OilPain Reliever Ayurvedic Oil60 ml With boxEX-PA OIL 3D
FEMSIP Syp.An Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic200ml. (With Box)FEMSIP
HONIDIL Syp. (Herbal Cough Syrup)Each 5 ml contains: Madhu 0.75 g. Tulsi 50 mg. Mulethi 50 mg. Banaphsa 50 mg. Kantkari 50 mg. Vasaka 25 mg. Shati 25 mg. Talish Patra 12 mg. Sunthi 12 mg. Pippali 3 mg. Pudina 3 mg.100 ml With Box & M. CupHONIDIL SYP 3D
NEPHINA Syp.Herbal Urinary Anti-Infective Tonic200ml.NEPHINA
NEPHINA Tabs.Herbal urinary Anti-infective10x10
PILIREST Caps.An Ayurvedic Piles Capsules10x1x10 BlisterPILIREST 3D
YAMIX Tabs.Carica Papaya Leaf Ext., Tinospora Cordifolia Ext., Goat Milk Powder and Wheat Germ Oil10x1x10 BlisterYAMIX 3D

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